What do we do?

Growth Agency IHME is a management consultancy. Our specialty is building excellence in leadership and customer operations. Our vision is to help companies build winning customer operations from sales strategies through customer experience to customer success. We believe that the seeds of success lie in setting bold goals, empowering people and reinforcing change.

Leadership Excellence

Change is guaranteed and constant. To succeed and flourish in today’s business environment a leader cannot only react but has to be capable to predict change and plan for it. Proactively. Envisioning the future, showing direction, engaging the team and building accountability are the key things a leader has to take care of.

Customer Excellence

Customer excellence builds from smooth co-operation between customer interfacing employees and their collaboration with the customer in all key touchpoints. It is the combination of crystal clear customer & sales strategy, solid customer insight, matching actions with customer behaviors, systematic management with data driven coaching and customer success.

This is how we do it

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About us

We help you deliver insight to your customer and purpose to your employees

Our story began 2004 when the management consultancy Persona Nordic was founded. Throughout the years we have been involved in writing several business success stories, formed numerous partnerships and boldly renewed existing business models by using Persona Global’s international methods. However, 2018 it was our turn to rethink our business as well and  Growth Agency IHME was born.

All our consultants have years of experience in business and sales development and have dealt with exactly same issues as you are dealing with now. We understand the opportunities and possibilities of your business and tailor our services to fit specifically to your needs. This can mean several things – we can for example help you set and reach bold goals or coach your team so they can reach best results in their everyday work. Or maybe you just need someone to talk to about whatever is on your mind. Whatever the need might be, we will help you develop your business and leadership so that you, you team and company will make miracles happen every day! 

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